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Operation Blankets of Love has Unique Ways of Saving Homeless Animals
Operation Blankets of Love's (OBOL) mission is to improve the well-being of homeless animals and increase chances for survival and adoption – with the ultimate aim of eliminating animal homelessness. OBOL provides donated recycled and new aid and comfort items to homeless animals that consists of stray, sick, neglected, owner-dumped and abused animals to shelters, rescues, pets of the homeless, fosters and sanctuaries.

Studies show and experts agree that shelter animals with blankets and comfort items make them calm, feel safe and secure, warm and comfortable and are happier. The potential adopter can picture them in their home. This increases their chance for adoption which SAVES LIVES!!

OBOL is part of the No-Kill Shelter Movement

OBOL is like the Red Cross to the animal rescue world! We rescue the rescuers!

OBOL does more than just providing blankets and care items!!

We also provide:

Comfort/Aid Pet Items for Homeless Animals

Emergency Response

Humane Education Learning Program (HELP)


Animal Transport

Anti-Cruelty "We Dream of Justice, Too!" Campaign

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