Animal Compassion Workshops


Presentation to the Rotary Club for their community service project.

Hear the story of how one woman and her dog Ginger led to a unique organization called Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) that helps shelter dogs and cats get adopted. and  stay warm, comfy, and happy.  Learn about how you can help to save homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, pets of the homeless, pets of low income seniors, and pets of the veterans.  OBOL can tailor the presentation to any age group and organization. Call 818-402-6586 to make arrangements.

We are so glad that Eileen made a presentation to our Rotary Club for our community service project. We raised funds and collected over 300 items including blankets, food, toys, towels and more.”~ Rotary Member

Eileen and Ginger presenting to high school students how to respect and be kind to all animals.

Eileen and Ginger presenting how these high school students can help shelter animals be adopted.