Homeless People’s Pets Outreach Program

Pets offer the homeless joy, a sense of family and emotional comfort. We are one of the few organizations that assists struggling pet owners by helping their pets. OBOL is committed to the human-pet bond and the benefits that bond brings.


“The comfort that the blankets and pet food bring to our patrons is immeasurable. Beyond the physical comfort that the blankets provide, the pet food allows homeless individuals to keep their pets. For many, their pets are cherished family members, and bring a great deal of love and support in the midst of otherwise very difficult circumstances.” —Pastor April, New Friends Homeless Shelter, 2015

OBOL donates nutritious food, blankets, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, pet clothes and other critical supplies to keep pets of the homeless happy and healthy, and thus allowing them to stay with their loving, human companions, rather than being relinquished to overpopulated shelters with high euthanasia rates.

No homeless person should have their pets taken away because they can’t afford the necessary supplies for their pets’ survival. No pets should go hungry, be uncomfortable or suffer. That is what OBOL is successfully working to alleviate. Outreaching on a weekly basis to neighborhoods with high homeless rates. We deliver quality pet food for dogs and cats to ensure they receive proper nutrition. The leashes and collars are safety items to ensure that pets can be safely contained in high-traffic areas.

OBOL’s unique facet of work is our direct outreach to homeless people which donates to:
  • 10 locations where homeless people are allowed to live with their pets.
  • Homeless that live on the streets with their pets
  • Churches and several nonprofits that have special programs for the homeless and their pets, but they do not have any pet supplies. As a result, they come to OBOL to get donated food, blankets, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses and treats for their companion.
  • Low-Income Seniors that live with their pets
  • Meals on Wheels for the seniors that live with their pets
  • Veterans that live with their pets.
  • Disabled that live with their pets


2 Woman Living with 6 Dogs in a Car

“…I ran into this lady who lives in her van with 6 little dogs. A special Thanks goes out to OBOL for making sure that I always a have food supply for those PRECIOUS babies on the LA streets. …because of YOU…I was able to give her 4 cases of 2 ounce packages of high end GRAIN FREE food so that her little babies will not go hungry.”  —From an OBOL volunteer, 2016


“I’m a veteran living on the streets with my dog. I so appreciate the dog food, leash, collar, toys, and the bandana that you gave to my best friend.”