Anti-Cruelty Campaign: “We Dream of Justice, Too!”


OBOL is committed to making a positive change on behalf of homeless animals, one animal at a time and one shelter at a time.

A current example of OBOL’s policy work is the “We Dream of Justice, Too” campaign. OBOL has flyers and posters for use by educators and humane organizations that emphasizes the importance of reporting animal abuse and neglect.  It also available in Spanish.

Eileen protests Devore Shelter for NOT accepting blankets or volunteers.

The goals are:

  1. Raise awareness that animal abuse and neglect is a crime
  2. Encourage people to report animal abuse and neglect
  3. Make people think twice before harming an animal.

OBOL partners with Assemblyman Marc Steinorth who created a new bill that would allow Californians to break a car window in order to save an animal from dying of overheating in a hot car. This bill has now passed as of September 2016. For more info:



OBOL raises public awareness about the plight of homeless animals at pet expos and adoption events. We make presentations to schools, youth and civic groups and organize a collection of pet comfort and care item for shelters.


This boxer was once used as bait for pit bull fighting. OBOL donates food, bedding, and toys to the dog and his rescuer.

Informally, OBOL advocates on behalf of animal welfare every day, by mobilizing the compassion and creativity of a growing army of volunteers that includes hundreds of school children and parents, civic clubs, faith-based groups, senior living facilities and businesses.

As Senator, I have drafted several animal protection bills that were signed into law, including SB1500 that prevents neglected and injured animals from being returned to abusive owners. My firm belief is that all of us should protect homeless animals that have no voice. With appreciation for the ongoing work done by OBOL, Laura Marlowe, our shelters and Animal Control Agencies, I strongly support the ‘We Dream of Justice Too,’ the anti-cruelty campaign, and encourage you to display the poster at your facility.“

~ Senator Ted Lieu, 28th District CA.

Eileen testifies in front of the San Bernardino Supervisors about the inhumane ways Devore Shelter treats animals by giving them no comfort or aid items even though OBOL will donate it.  She testifies that they are the only shelter in CA that do not allow volunteers, no I.D. description on the front of cages and how each animal wears a big plastic number around their necks to identify them.