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Pets of the Homeless  

Homeless People's Pets Community Outreach Project

Since we started approximately 2,000 homeless people received pet food, animal care products and comfort/aid items such as blankets, pet beds, collars, leashes, food and toys for their pets. OBOL donated directly to homeless people living on the streets with their pets. We also work with 6 local homeless shelters that take in homeless persons and their pets.

"Operation Blankets of Love actively donates all the care, comfort, and aid pet items that the residents need for their pets that are allowed to stay at the shelter. This includes all the necessary pet items they need to keep their dog or cat healthy and happy."
--Tessa Madden Development Coordinator of P.A.T.H. (People Helping the Homeless Hollywood, CA)

OBOL helps Rescue in Medford located in Southern Oregon provides for homeless animals and their parents.
“A big huge, huge thank you to Operation Blankets of Love for donating to us to help keep the homeless people and their animals warm in Southern Oregon. Blankets, comforters and dog beds are going to help save lives this winter. Very happy tears coming down my face right now. Thank you Brad and Eileen for making this happen.

Because of Operation Blankets of Love donations of blankets and dog beds, many homeless animals and people are now sleeping a bit warmer. We have much more to hand out still. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I heard it dropped down to .5 degree's the night before”.

homeless with dog on pet bed   OBOL   OBOL
Our volunteer gives woman living on the street what her dog needs to survive!
Homeless husband and wife living on the streets and OBOL donated everything the dog needs for survival and safety including pet clothes.
Homeless people desperate for pet food, blankets, collars, leashes, treats, pet beds and more. OBOL is there to help, but needs your help!
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