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Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)
Adopt-A-Pet Club- H.S. did different activities all year long mentored by Eileen.
Adopt-A-Pet Club- USC (University of Southern CA) does successful end of the school year OBOL collection from the entire campus.
PALS  (People Adopting A Local School) Ginger teaching the nursery school kids how to be kind and respectful to animals and how to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)    
OBOL Youth Ambassadors get a beind the scenes tour of a local shelter and put in blankets they collected.
Ethan, Youth Ambassador helping a special event. He has been helping for three years and picks up donations at local pet stores with his Mom.

Adopt A Shelter

Sponsorship $1,000

We get many donations of items to provide to over 1,000 homeless animals each month. It is much more challenging to find support for the “hidden costs” involved in sorting, storing and delivering these critically needed items to shelters in a timely manner. Logistical issues such as storage, transportation of supplies and community outreach cannot be overlooked. In particular, transportation is the heart and soul of our organization, allowing us to connect a wealth of donated items with shelters that serve the neediest animals.

Adopt a shelter
There is NO BUDGET for any bedding or comfort items in shelters.
Some animals only have outside shelters some over 2 hours away.
OBOL needs to get there.

Adopt A School PALS -People Assisting Local Schools

Sponsorship $500 per school

Many schools do not have the funds to host our H.E.L.P. (Humane Education Learning Program) presentations. We hold two one hour sessions of “How to be kind and respectful to animals," “How to keep your pet healthy and happy" and several other related topics that help to save homeless animals. We provide handouts to each attendee. Often, the host (school, organization, etc.) is proactive and has a blanket drive. A third session is offered which includes a field trip of a private tour of a local shelter.

Our lessons help students grow and expand. They gain confidence while developing leadership, organizational and public speaking skills while learning how their actions can make a positive difference. These lessons have been proven to be a long term solution to pet abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Adopt a School

Adopt A School Pet Club

Sponsorship: $500 per pet club

Most schools do not have the funds for students to form a pet club. A pet club encourages student involvement and by having OBOL do a special presentation with a professional shelter worker that explains why there are so many homeless animals and presents different ways the students can help the mitigate the overpopulation in shelters.
Some of the activities of a pet club are:

  • Field trips to shelters and other animal-related places
  • Presentations to youth groups and local schools
  • Arranging guest speakers from animal-related careers, (research, animal sciences and veterinary medicine are a few)
  • Organize Homeless Awareness Day
  • Write to a Local Paper to promote awareness of animal shelters
  • Volunteer at a local dog park to keep it clean and safe for the people and their pets
  • Fun fundraising events

Adopt An OBOL Youth Ambassador

Sponsorship $500 per person

We choose children from 9 to 21 years of age to represent OBOL. They must exhibit compassion and a love of animals and do well in school. Youth Ambassadors speak at schools and to youth groups, participate at pet expos and adoption events.

Eileen and Brooke
Brooke, Youth Ambassador does a successful OBOL collection drive!!
Eileen and Grant
Grant, Youth Ambassador helping to organize the food donations.

Adopt A “We Dream Of Justice, Too Anti- Cruelty Campaign

Sponsorship: $500 towards printing and advertising

Many shelters do not give any comfort items to the animals. They lay, sit and sleep on hard cement floors or inside wired cages. Some do not keep the shelters clean and some actually run out of food. Some do not allow having any volunteers. We work with the media, politicians and the shelters to reform to make better living conditions for the animals that have “No Voice”. We have to make flyers, humane education booklets, and posters to give out to thousands of people and to shelters, schools and youth and civic groups.

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