Humane Education Learning Program (HELP)

Children love animals! Sign up today for OBOL's FREE, fun humane education presentation for schools and youth groups. Click here to bring HELP to your school.

Our Humane Education Learning Program (HELP) helps raise awareness of the plight of shelter animals and how to take care of your pet.  These lessons have proven to be a long-term solution to pet abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

HELP is an innovative, solutions-driven effort to create a better place for animals. Humane education encourages many character values, including compassion, respect and empathy. Humane education also provides opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility and self-esteem through its solutions-oriented approach. Students learn why animals end up in shelters as well as solutions to the problem and how they can help.

Overview of OBOL’s Humane Education Presentations


Check Out Our New Booklet!


Eileen Smulson, the OBOL's founder, wrote a 44-page "How to Care for Our Pet Pals" bi-lingual coloring and activity booklet that students and teachers receive free.  Schools host collection drives for pet comfort items, which help shelter animals become more adoptable.

This beautiful coloring book is a natural extension of the boots-on-the-ground work OBOL does: It captures their enormous hearts and will move children and parents toward a more conscious, compassionate relationship with all animals. It covers a wide range of topics--adoption, health care, training, socialization, play, responsibility, travel--but always with a light touch and an optimistic, nurturing heart.

-Bellamy Young - Actress/Animal Right Activist 

HELP Curriculum Topics

Respect and Be Kind to All Animals
Adoption is the Best Option
Shelter Overpopulation
Puppy Mills
Why So Many Animals End Up in Shelters
Why Spay and Neuter Your Pet?
Animal and Human Bonding
What is Animal Cruelty?
How to Help Local Shelters, Rescue Groups, and Pets of the Homeless
Pet Care and Responsibility (How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy)
Compassion for All Living Creatures

Community Service in Action

Students in the photo below created this video PSA.  They also collected and made blankets, pull toys, and dozens of pet beds with other students for shelter animals.

High school students did a PSA about shelters for their OBOL Community Service Project and made over 50 fleece blankets and pet beds with other students.

OBOL Pet Clubs

OBOL's Pet Clubs promote animal kindness, support animal rights, and promote pet adoption. Our goal is to increase appreciation and respect for animals. We promote care, compassion and lifelong humane ethics towards all living creatures.

This is a fun-filled club dedicated to helping eliminate animal homelessness through volunteer work, events, and fundraising. It's a great opportunity for children of all ages who love animals to make a contribution to their community.

Become a Youth Ambassador

We choose children from 9 to 21 years of age to represent OBOL in their schools and communities. They must exhibit compassion and a love of animals. Youth Ambassadors speak at their schools and participate in events at our information booths.

"Thanks so much for coming to visit our class! It really made an impact on how I feel about animal shelters. I also really enjoyed learning about your incredible life. You have made such a difference and I admire you very much. I look forward to working with you."
-Madison, OBOL Youth Ambassador

Private Shelter Tours

We can arrange a behind the scenes tour at a shelter for older children and bring their donated items. Some of the blankets will be placed in the kennels. They will experience first-hand how a simple blanket makes the animal feel safe, secure, warm and comfortable.  They learn that this increases the animals’ chances of being adopted.

HELP lessons provide a sense of compassion and teamwork. Students achieve feelings of accomplishment while learning how their actions make a positive difference.