Praise for OBOL

Girl Scouts earn their Pet Badges at OBOL Headquarters.

Our group loved the interaction with Ginger, and learned so much from your presentation about shelter animals.  They were engaged and asked thoughtful questions, which is a testament to your captivating presentation.  Your stories resonated so well with the girls. And they left with a stronger sense of compassion and knowledge about animals.

-Girl Scout Greater Los Angeles Troop 16715

Thank you so much for providing a carload of blankets and coats for the our pups. The blankets went to comfort 50 different senior dogs, special needs dogs, or underweight dogs who needed extra warmth in the cool evenings.

-Dobies and Little Paws

This kitty was intercepted with seven other cats going into South LA Shelter. Obviously inbred, he was pretty feral at first, but now is as loving and sweet as any cat could be. Thank you Operation Blankets of Love for providing him with this cozy little cat house.

-South LA Shelter Volunteer

Thank you for your generosity in donating towels and bedding to our sanctuary for our goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, possums, raccoons that need a forever after safe-haven. They are used for nursing, cleaning, grooming, cover for shade, and transportation to the vet and more.

-Whiskers & Tails 

Operation Blankets Of Love warms the hearts and bodies of our pets by providing an endless supply of warm blankets – no easy feat when we take in 54,000 dogs and cats annually. It cushions the time spent in our kennels and cages and provides that extra dose of compassion that our pets so deserve while they stay with us. The blankets also tie in a “home” atmosphere gaining our pets a better chance of adoption – and adoptions save lives. OBOL is our angel. Their overwhelming donations always leave us amazed and speechless. We, and our pets, are very fortunate to have such a great benefactor.

-Los Angeles City Animal Services

We have been swamped with dogs, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the blankets, towels, toys, and dog houses. As a new rescue, we are scratching by to get needed supplies so we can save more lives everyday.

The doghouses and other supplies make these wonderful babies so happy, how special it is for them to come from an overcrowded shelter with cement floors to a nice clean blanket, toys, and shelter with soft beds.

Thank you for your organization for the love of the animals and the comfort and security you give them on their way to their new loving homes.

-Mommas and babies enjoying new blankets

Heartfelt thanks to OBOL – again. Their very generous donation of 750 lbs. (yep, 25 bags) of dog & cat food, collars, leashes, blankets and towels will benefit the animals in the small rural shelters of Delano, McFarland and Wasco, Kern County.

-Animal Rescue Volunteer

Thank you SO much for donating well over 100 blankets and several bags of high quality kibble. This shelter put up a plea for donated blankets because they were in desperate need of soft bedding for the hundreds of dogs they care for every day.

Thank you so much, OBOL, for everything you do for the shelters, rescues, and the dogs they care for! You are doing amazing work and providing MUCH needed resources, and making rescuers’ jobs that much easier with all the support and donated food and supplies that you offer.

Also, many thanks for donating tons of high quality canned food for my Pit Bull Rescue foster who eats a special diet. I am so very grateful for your generosity!

-Animal Foundation, the county shelter in Las Vegas, NV

Operation Blankets of Love, thank you for helping us at New Friends Homeless Center. By you giving our guest blankets, towels, dog and cat food you’ve made their lives a little easier! It is such a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again for your generosity!

-New Friends Homeless Center

Thank you for being such tireless miracle workers for the most vulnerable. The feral cats are warmer and happier because of you.

-LA Community Cats

Thank you again for helping me keep the homeless pets and horses warm.

-Oak Meadows Ranch, Lake Elsinore

Thank you, Operation Blankets of Love, for supplying me with beds, blankets, food, toys, clothes, crates and collars to deliver to rescuers in south LA. You make the world such a much better place! Thank you for all you do. Those animals do a 180 with toys, food and blankets. I cry!

-Elle, Rescuer

Food, crates, toys, pet beds, and more to the NO KILL shelter at Camp Pendleton.

Your donation was very much appreciated and contributed to the comfort and well-being of the animals at our Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter. I wanted to thank you for your generous donation of pet supplies of blankets, pet beds, treats toys, and comforts that make the animal’s stay a little easier. These items assist the staff in interacting with the animals which facilitates bonding with people and prepares the animals for successful adoption.

-Colonel Marano with Service Members & Families, Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter

Thank you, Eileen and Brad, for all the wonderful bedding as well as the food items you gave me Monday. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.  Now there will be enough blankets for all the dogs with extra to spare. I love the dog beds and pillows as well. They will come in handy as I bring some of my elderly dogs in at night. The food is a blessing as well and it couldn't be better quality than what it is. Your organization is such a Godsend for us rescuers. 


Having OBOL and Ginger come to our school gave us the opportunity to come together (all 600 of us) to hold a collection drive that was meaningful and impactful for our students.Seeing students of different ages coming with a comfort item to donate is an excellent example of social justice in action! The Humane Education Learning Program is just as important as reading , writing , math , and science. I'm grateful for this program to exist so that we can provide a balanced curriculum.

- Teacher, Camino Nuevo Charter, Koreatown, Los Angeles

A homeless veteran was glad to get new outfits for his pup! Plus tons of food and treats.

Operation Blankets of Love is one of the most wonderful nonprofit organizations in USA. The great help that you offer goes over the borders, cultures or nationalities--that's the real love for those unfortunates fur babies that have nothing else to eat than a piece of trash or more warmth than the sun... you really rock guys with all what you do... from the bottom of our hearts... thank you.

-Lorena Luna